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Motivation is a necessity so that learning becomes a continuing, improving, interesting and hopefully enjoyable process.

We say "hopefully enjoyable" because although we as a teacher try to make learning fun, our students should understand that learning is the goal, the fun part is just nice to have.

As we are sure you know, most people can be intimidated when it comes to doing or learning something new - they would just prefer to maintain the status quo, it's easier.

We as teachers, must develop and encourage classroom motivation, i.e. think of and find ways to motivate students to reach their potential, their goals and their dreams.

Students must also share in the responsibility by doing some things for themselves, such as:

  1. Set realistic goals for themselves, (based on their desires, not on what others may say)and thus become more motivated to attain their goals.
  2. Understand that achieving one's goals takes work and may involve some risk. Learning is work and can be risky to your self esteem when you try something new, admit you don't know something and have to ask for help.