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The need and importance of personal guidance has been felt in the following grounds:

  1. It is needed to develop all personal and social qualities that would enable the individuals in solving personal problems and seeking better adjustments.
  2. It is meant to overcome the personal problems of personality adjustment of every individual.
  3. It gives importance on the personal and social needs of the pupils or individuals.
  4. It is linked with our day-to-day life.
  5. It is an answer to our big question what and what not we should be.
  6. It is meant for deciding what habits, attitudes and values we should develop.
  7. It deals with all problems of life which are not covered by educational and vocational guidance.
  8. This guidance is the core of all types of guidance.
  9. It concerns with the total person.
  10. This guidance points out the strengths and weaknesses of every individual or child.